Rain, rain, go away…

Well yesterday was a bust!  Day one of my super long Easter weekend was rainy.  And not just a little I-can-still-go-out-and-plant-potatoes rain, but all out pouring, drenching, I-think-it-hailed-a-little, stay-in-all-day rain. And today is not much better! Big boo for British weather this weekend.

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3 Artichokes

Flowering Artichoke (Wikipedia)

In the fall, autumn for you brits, I splurged and bought 3 globe artichoke plants (var. purple globe) from Suttons (they were on sale).  Matt and I had finally turned over the two beds on either side of the shed (ok it was mostly Matt while I planted spring bulbs) and there was lots of room now for some bigger plants to spread and grow.Read More »

Here we go…

post1_edited_InPixioWhen I started writing it was snowing.  The #beastfromtheeast was still raging and there was an accumulation of 2cm of snow from the last couple of days. I thought to myself what a perfect day to start my blog.  My long-awaited blog, that I’ve wanted to write since leaving Canada, 14 months ago.

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