Here we go…

post1_edited_InPixioWhen I started writing it was snowing.  The #beastfromtheeast was still raging and there was an accumulation of 2cm of snow from the last couple of days. I thought to myself what a perfect day to start my blog.  My long-awaited blog, that I’ve wanted to write since leaving Canada, 14 months ago.

With tea in hand and my comfy blue chair pulled up to the kitchen table, I opened my wordpress blog (that’s been setup for about 6 months), and decided I had to change everything about it.  Then I had to do the dishes, vacuum, water my seedlings, and spend an hour watching them grow to make sure everyone was happy.  If my years at Uni taught me anything, it’s that I’m queen of the procrastinators.

Happy seedlings.

It then started to rain, and the snow disappeared.  I checked the temp and it was +2C and at that temp I could and should be out at the allotment.  I threw on my wellies and went out.

It was beautiful, foggy and damp but a bit ethereal.  It’s exactly what I think British weather should be like.  Very Harry Potterish, Hagrid in the pumpkin patch on a foggy morning attacking the flesh-eating slugs.  Which I imagine look something like our slugs, but slightly bigger.

So here we are at the beginning. I suspect that while I endeavour to help the budding-aspiring-allotmenteers (you’re out there right?) on their garden journeys with helpful advice and ideas, A Garden Rhapsody will mostly be rhapsodizing about what not to do, and my trials and tribulations.  But with pictures, and a few hens thrown in as soon as they hatch!

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