World domination.

My seedlings really like music.  I swear that with the melancholic Eric Satie and Gnosienne #1 playing in the background they’ll grow an inch.  They prefer mellow, nothing to rousing.  But today with Alexa playing a random smattering of the Late Great Leonard Cohen, they grew two inches*.  Maybe they’re trying to take over the world, but by now they should know that Manhattan and Berlin are taken.

peas and beansOn the left is Douce Provence peas and on the right are broad bean Aquadulce.  I had intended to plant both in the winter garden, but with the failure of my other winter crops (mostly due to our dilapidated fence and hungry critters) I decided to start them both indoors in January and plant them out in the early spring.  They are coming along rather well and I think that as soon as the beds are ready I’ll transfer them to the ground, maybe after this weekend.  Both are rated as hardy and can withstand a bit of frost.  Only time will tell!

*absolutely no proof whatsoever, but they are bigger…Hallelujah!

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