Does this make me a terrible blogger?

IMG_2569It’s been a while.

I’ve been keeping busy in the garden, and with life in general.  I’ll try to write more often though, mostly because everything is blooming and begs to be shared with the world!


We’ve had our first harvest! I planted baby spinach in the green house about a month ago, and since you eat it while the leaves are small we’ve been enjoying it weekly.  You just cut a few leaves every few days and it keeps on growing!  It says you can get 4 cuttings from it, but I find you can usually do more than that.  The greenhouse strawberries followed, then a few radishes!  Although neither actually made it home but they do make for yummy gardening snacks. Oh and there’s always rhubarb.

Here are some other allotment highlights from the last couple of months:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I decided to hold off on getting chickens until I learned more about them.  I have the coop, and I know which chickens I want and where to get them, but really I know next to nothing else about them.  So I signed up for a 2 hour workshop at this farm in Aldermaston (about 40 min away).  I headed down on Saturday looking forward to spending a couple of hours playing with some chickens and learning all there is to know about hens.  I pulled up to the gates, not sure if I was even in the right place, I thought there ought to be a sign or something.  A muffled voice through the voice box said something and the gates opened.  I pulled in and this woman came out of the house to tell me that the class had been cancelled because they’d had a death in the family and someone should have called to let me know. So that happened. I felt terrible, like I had interrupted a funeral to ask about a Hen Party.  Oh well, I mean how much was I really going to learn in 2 hours anyways, I guess I’m going to have to wing it…

So I turned around and headed home, but not before stopping off at Basildon Park, a National Trust Estate that has been featured in many movies and TV shows like Downton Abbey, Pride and Prejudice, and one of my all time favourites: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (the house at 0:09 is Basildon Park).  I had a great tour of the house and on my way out accidentally spent way too much money on a Hawaiian Coral Peony and Roald Dahl Peach Rose Bush.  It’s hard not to be inspired by Lady Illife’s Rose and Peony Garden.


8 thoughts on “Does this make me a terrible blogger?

    • We tie them to the trellis or canes until they latch on for themselves. My sweet peas don’t want to climb this year so I’ve tied them to the canes all the way up. But make sure you tie loosely so as not to cut into the plant stalk. What are you trying to train up?


  1. Hi Becky – this is Linda, your Mom’s friend – remember me from our trip to Whistler? I have been following your blog, and I really enjoy it!! You are having such fun and darn good success with your garden – and it is fun to read about your adventures with all the different plants. Hugs


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