Damn that’s one fine peach.

The Peach of 2018

One peach.  That’s all we’re getting this year from our year old peach tree.  But it is the finest peach that ever grew.

Here it is from another angle:


Never been prouder.

Update 03/07/2018: It was delicious.

4 thoughts on “Damn that’s one fine peach.

  1. ONE?! That ain’t right! My old peach tree is still in production, even though we have been thinking that each season will be it last for more than ten years. We have tried growing a copy of it by layering lower stems, but it will not cooperate.


    • Well it’s still a young tree. Only about a year old, so hopefully next year will be more productive! I think the fruit grows on year old branches right? Most of the branches are new this year, we only had one or two stems from the previous year. But I will keep an eye on it. The leaves are yellowing, and I’m not sure if I’m over watering or if it’s sun scorch from being in the greenhouse. It’s nice and hot in the greenhouse though so I think it has good growing conditions.

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      • Yes, fruit develops on stems that grew the previous year. Even though new trees can set fruit in their first year, I tell clients that they should not expect it, and that fruit development diverts resources from vegetative root growth. So, it is just as well that you only got one. The older leaves that are lowest on a stem are likely to yellow if the upper growth is very vigorous and shading it out.

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