Meet Poppet, Heihei, and yet-to-be-named white lady chicken…

So the trip to Oxford Poultry was productive.  I thought maybe I would wait a bit longer since the run wasn’t built yet, and I hadn’t sorted out food or bedding…. but I walked into the large chicken pen at Oxford Poultry and the little brown one came right up to me and crouched down just asking for me to pick her!!  So I did!  Along with 2 others.

Meet Poppet the Oxford Brown a Rhode Island Red hybrid who produces light brown eggs.  The unnamed white lady (I’ve asked Matt to name her) is an Auracana hybrid and produces blue green eggs.  And Heihei the Nera, another Rhode Island Red hybrid crossed with a Barred Plymouth Rock who produces dark brown eggs.  I need a better picture than the headless one above, but she doesn’t stand still for long!  Heihei is for my nephew Max.  He may be thousands of miles away but when I was home at Christmas we watched Moana so many times that I couldn’t resist using the name!  You’re welcome…

There were no eggs this morning but yesterday was pretty stressful for these young hens so it may take awhile for them to settle in.

In the meantime here’s a video for you about introducing them into their new home yesterday.  Sorry about the fowl language.


2 thoughts on “Meet Poppet, Heihei, and yet-to-be-named white lady chicken…

  1. Auracana is such a docile breed. That is what we had in town because they were so quiet. Ours were not as productive as the Rhode Island Red hens, but their silence was important. I know hens do not make much noise alone, but there are neighbors who will complain about anything.


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