The star of the show

She-who-shall-not-be-named has done it again.  I now have two lovely blue eggs. Is it weird that none have actually laid an egg in the nesting box yet? She’s quite the exhibitionist and likes to do it in plain site of her sisters, right in the middle of the run, but who’s judging!  I think she’s showing them why she’s leader of the pack, head pecker (you know, in the pecking order of things), and why she gets to eat first…  she’s small but fierce!


Now what can I make with two eggs and a courgette?

An hour later….

I went with the Omelet!  It wasn’t pretty (my omelets never are), but it was delicious.  Now for the season finale of The Handmaid’s Tale.  Oh Joseph…why are you the bad guy?

5 thoughts on “The star of the show

  1. That is a lovely pic – would look great, framed, on a kitchen wall…………..and who cares where the little missness lays her eggs – maybe her sisters will get the hint.


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  2. ………..if you want it crunchy chop it up and throw it in raw, otherwise cook it somewhat first then add the egg with some cheese!


  3. Yeah, it was that blue color that I could not get used to. There were only two hens in that tiny garden back then. One gave blue eggs, and the other gave turquoise eggs that reminded me of green eggs and ham. The eggs were small too.
    ‘Married With Children’ was a really inane sitcom on television years ago. Peggy, the Mrs., was sometimes ridiculed by her husband because she lacked domestic skills. She did nothing around the house, and did not know how cook. The pantry and refrigerator were always empty because she did no shopping. One day, when she was feeling creatively productive, she decided to cook something for breakfast before her husband went to work. She opened the refrigerator and exclaimed, “Let’s see, . . . . There’s an egg and a few M&Ms. . . . . . I know, I’ll make an omelette!”


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