They grow up so fast.

Poppet has laid her first egg! A beautiful brown egg. Now it’s just Heihei we’re waiting on. She’s probably the most stubborn, she likes to peck at Poppet’s feathers and has yet to let me pick her up…. but her day is coming.

July has turned out to be a pretty good month harvest wise.

I think we have a little bit of everything. The purple onions I planted in the fall went right to seed this spring, but the shallots didn’t do too badly. I’m going to roast them with some of the early potatoes.

And I collected 12 mini cucumbers and I have a big jar so tomorrow night is pickling night! I want to make some really traditional garlicky dill pickles. And what’s that in the basket? Giant elephant garlic! My only regret is that I didn’t plant dill in the herb garden this year. Oh well.

There’s also a couple of greenhouse bell peppers, turnips, and one parsnip because I was impatient and wanted to see how they were coming along! They still forked even though we planted them in a raised bed and got rid of most of the rocks, but sometimes the wonky ones are the most fun.

3 thoughts on “They grow up so fast.

  1. YUMMY – all the fresh, lovey tasty everything – I love this blog – I am so glad I met you in Whistler, Becky, because I can just picture in the garden, kitchen and with your girls. xxxooo

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  2. Do you expect the araucana eggs to always be small? My two always made small eggs, but I thought that was normal. Others tell me that they can lay normal eggs.


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