What do “happy hens” actually sound like?

I think the hens are happy, but it’s hard to tell, they’re chickens.  And I haven’t quite figured out what all their bok bok boks actually mean.  Is their crooning a good thing?  Is it like when a cat purrs?

I’ve upgraded their run.  The homemade pallet run was a good idea in theory, but in practice I couldn’t get in easily to change their water, or refill their feed, or clean it.  And most importantly they evaded me way too easily when I was crawling around on my hands and knees trying to catch and pick them up.  I’m sure it was quite a scene and I hope to god no one ever saw me…but let’s move on and stop picturing that.  So to preserve my dignity (what’s left of it) and theirs, it was E-bay to the rescue!

This run also came with a covered roof, so it stays mostly dry. Apparently I forgot that it rains in the UK…a lot.  I blame it on the recent weather, it’s easy to forget when you are lugging so much water around and watering on a daily basis.  But basically we needed something better to keep the chooks dry.

Heihei has started laying pretty dark brown spotted eggs.  I don’t get 3 eggs a day very often, they take breaks now and then from laying, but I get plenty.

And finally we have a third name!  Matt, Vee, and Rosie decided to name the white one (drum roll) Bredwin!  I like it.  It sounds sort of British, but it’ slang for “Bro”, and it’s unique!  So we have Poppet, Heihei, and Bredwin.

Curious Poppet

4 thoughts on “What do “happy hens” actually sound like?

  1. They can’t be anything but happy with you as their mommy. Do you speak to them in their language? Maybe create an entirely new language. Dr. Doolittle just came to mind.


    • Not “mommy”, that doesn’t sound right. I will accept leader of the pack (but I may have to fight Bredwin for that position), Master and Commander, or Supreme Ruler.


  2. Well, in my house, I know I am “the can opener” to my cat. You may just be their servant, in their minds – keeping everything ticky boo for them and so of course they are happy!!!


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