The Vyne

After a long weekend with Emi and a lot of driving! I dropped her off at the station in Basingstoke and decided to visit The Vyne on my way home.  The Vyne is a National Trust Tudor palace.  I was a bit disappointed in the palace itself because they had just completed a roof restoration and don’t fully reopen until later this week. I wandered through a couple of rooms, but most of it was still closed to the public.  So I guess it means I will be back again to see the house itself.

The grounds were spectacular though, and they had a vegetable garden which I loved seeing.  Also the gardener must love dahlias as much as I do because I’ve never seen so many varieties in the same place!  They were amazing.  These are just a few:

They had a beautiful little circular herb garden with a bee hive at the center.  I thought it was a really great idea and they must get the most delicious honey from the bees feeding off the fragrant herbs.


Here are few other shots to leave you with on this beautiful Sunday afternoon, enjoy!

Any reference to Harry Potter is a good one!
Love the colours
One of my favourite statues.
I don’t know what this flower is but it was gorgeous. It’s bell shaped and this is looking up at it from below.
The summer house.
The air was full of the smell of fallen apples and lavender. It was magic.
Sunflowers used as bedding, brilliant!
Can you read the sign?

6 thoughts on “The Vyne

    • I’m not sure it was “cordonned off” exactly. The rope was on both sides of the path leading to the main house. The sign was hanging by the willow, but maybe just for effect?

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      • It was probably just for effect. I would not expect non-arborists to recognize structural deficiency; and I can not see if the upper portion of the tree had not been pruned back to accommodate for the deficiency. If they recognized it as a problem, they would have fixed it rather than mark it with a silly sign.


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