How to grow sweet potatoes from scratch (aka the sweet potato saga).

From scratch in this case means not buying the expensive sweet potato plants (slips) from the garden center.  They easily sell for £3 -£4 per plant.  And you need a lot to get a good crop of sweet potatoes.  Last year Matt and I tried growing 2 plants.  We got maybe 6 sweet potatoes from those two plants that varied in size.  This year we decided we wanted more but didn’t want to spend the money buying plants.  So we googled it.  The whole process took about 10 months, from potato to potato!

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3 Artichokes

Flowering Artichoke (Wikipedia)

In the fall, autumn for you brits, I splurged and bought 3 globe artichoke plants (var. purple globe) from Suttons (they were on sale).  Matt and I had finally turned over the two beds on either side of the shed (ok it was mostly Matt while I planted spring bulbs) and there was lots of room now for some bigger plants to spread and grow.Read More »